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  • Losing employees means losing time.
  • Just finding the right employee can sometimes take weeks, and the employee onboarding process can sometimes take months as you bring the new staff member up to speed.
  • By keeping your employees onboard you avoid this problem altogether. 



  • Losing employees means losing money (on average around $3000 per employee).
  • The costs of posting new job openings, the interview process, referral bonuses, and time lost on projects as existing staff are reshuffled to handle the responsibilities are just the beginning.
  • By keeping your existing employees happy you avoid all of these headaches.



  • Losing employees means losing morale.
  • When a valued team member leaves it takes an emotional toll on everyone left behind.
  • Research says that incentives and benefits are the best way to keep employees happy and onboard with your team.
  • By offering incentives to employees you avoid losing them to another company.
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of the causes of employee turnover are preventable.
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of a worker’s annual salary is needed to hire a replacement.
full years for a new hire to be as productive as their predecessor.
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say their company could have done something to prevent them from leaving their job.
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more likely for employees to leave their companies if they don’t feel valued.

Our Solution:

Easy to implement,
cross platform software.

Strategies for

Employee Recognition

Your employees work hard for you and your company. Why not recognize them for what they do? When you reward your workforce for a job well done, achieving a goal, finishing a critical project, or their years of service, you reinforce positive behavior. That’s good for your employees and for your bottom line.

Workplace Wellness

Successful wellness programs reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, reduce burnout, and improve retention rates. In short, supporting the well-being of your employees also supports the well-being of your company.

Safety Initiatives

Working safe is working smart. But sometimes workers cut corners, work too fast, or forget to use basic safeguards. And when accidents happen companies see higher workers’ compensation costs and decreased production. Organizations have used incentives to reduce accidents by over 50 percent, saving millions every year.

Sales Incentives

Sales is the lifeblood of any business. Creating an incentive program designed to address all the drivers of success and encourage specific results is a challenge. And one worth tackling.

Praise for our platform:

Since joining the CV Engagements program, we've seen a 30% reduction in employee turnover. Our staff has been more motivated than ever and hitting project milestones has happened ahead of schedule. I would recommend CV Engagements to any HR manager that struggle with keeping their employees happy and motivated.
John Doe
HR Manager

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