3 Proven Secrets to Motivate Significant ROI.

Are you connecting with your employees in a meaningful and inspiring way?
How often do your employees feel rewarded and appreciated?

CV Engagement has a reputation for crafting motivation and retention programs that achieve measurable ROI. We’ll consult together with you on your goals and curate the best engagement strategy for your workforce creating desired results using our 3 proven secrets to generate significant ROI.


People are Social Animals

When an employee is recognized and rewarded, the word travels quickly. When that person shares their award on social media, other employees see an opportunity to earn something new. Company outsiders are exposed to your brand and see how it’s a great place to work.



People prefer choice

A “one size fits all” program is not very inspiring. Cash awards and cash value gift cards are spent on groceries, toilet paper, and dog food.  Is that what your brand represents? Gifting done properly affords the employee similar freedom of choice as gift card yet provides tangible options that will reinforce the connection and goodwill to company for years to come.


Speak to an expert to find out

When you speak to one of our engagement experts you’ll learn the final secret of our 3 proven strategies to boost ROI through increased engagement and retention. In 15 to 30 minutes we’ll show you a clear future with deliverables to transform your company’s culture.


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